Melissa Wagle

After growing up in the country in a small town in Texas, I could not WAIT to turn 18 and move to CO!  Originally moving to Salida, CO, competing for the town snowboarding race team and working for years at Monarch Mountain, I decided I needed a bit more of a city feel and found Colorado Springs and my forever home!   I fell in love with the Springs, and everything it has to offer.   My passion for Real Estate actually came on the heels of my husband and I looking for our first home together.  I realized everything I loved about the process, as well as everything I wish would have been handled differently during that difficult and stressful time.  Having always had an absolute love for people and relationships… I guess I attribute that to how I was raised… If I can help people to get through something difficult with as much ease, security and confidence as possible, then I feel like I’ve done what I was supposed to do.  I believe my open understanding that the home buying and selling process is SUCH a deeply personal experience, and that so much of who you are is tied into this transition, helps me to not only be the person that completes this process successfully for you, but that you trust will hold your hand and have your back the whole way through.


      In my free time (which I tend to make certain I have just the right amount of by being fairly selective with the number of clients I help at any given time), I like to hang out with my family, both my husband and kiddos as well as my folks, sister, nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins!  I LOVE to fish, ALL kinds of fishing… Always have and always will!  I used to snowboard 6 to 7 days a week, but now I’m better at holding down a table in the lodge while everyone else goes out snd shreds 😉 And, of course, good or bad, I LOVE my Denver Broncos!


      I am so very fortunate to be able to do what I love, and to be able to show each and every client that kindness, ethics, compassion, diligence and total dedication do all exist in one place in Real Estate… And that is right here!  I look forward to learning your exact wants and needs and ensuring you get just that 🙂