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New Construction

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking into a new home: built with your exact specifications. You choose the flooring, countertops, lighting and so much more! There are other advantages to purchasing new construction, including:

  • Less Maintenance
    Many builders use new, low maintenance building materials. Less maintenance means a savings of both time and money for you, the homeowner.
  • Less Worry
    With a new home warranty, which will vary by builder, major systems (furnace, roof, etc.) will be covered.
  • Increased Safety
    New homes are built with the latest mandated safety and building codes, such as emergency egresses and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Increased Efficiency
    Energy efficient materials and technologies create homes that greatly reduce overall energy use and your energy bills.

Hiring a Realtor for a new construction purchase has the same benefits as purchasing an existing home. The new construction process can be lengthy and has many more steps before closing than an existing home sale. We will leverage our expertise to find your home, negotiate the terms you are seeking and guide you through the process. Other advantages of retaining a Realtor for a new construction purchase include:

  • Less Uncertainty
    Your iTeam Realtor is your advocate and will help you navigate the entire new construction process. The builder’s sales rep represents and works for the builder. Their success is based on getting the best deal possible for the builder. The iTeam works to get the best possible deal for you.
  • More Transparent Negotiations
    The iTeam ensures you are negotiating under open and fair terms. Construction models often have many upgrades and features that have additional fees to the base price of the home. Many new home neighborhoods have Home Owners Associations that require monthly dues. We will ensure you know any and all “hidden” fees of your new home.
  • Greater Lending Options
    The iTeam can help you choose a lender that is best for your specific situation. Many builders work with preferred lenders. Sometimes there are additional incentives to the buyer if you use their lender. As the buyer, you have the right to know all the lending options available to you. We can help.

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