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Home Selling Process

Real estate is an ever–changing field with buyer’s expectations often vacillating. The reality is, selling your home isn’t always easy. But with the iTeam there with you every step of the way, we will make the process as smooth, fast and as profitable as possible.

Home Selling Process (in a nutshell)

Step 1: Initial Consultation: Before we start the “selling” process we will sit down with you and determine your wants and needs of the sale: if there is a specific timeline for the sale, how many open houses you want to do, showings by appointment only, etc. We want to make sure we’re all on the same page before we start the process.

Step 2: Determine home price: As your listing agent we will conduct a thorough comparable market analysis to determine home value and most effective listing price. It’s important to note that home value and listing price don’t always correspond: we take your needs and all extenuating circumstances into consideration when determining listing price.

Step 3: Preparing your home: Before we put your house on the market you’ll want to ensure your house is sale–ready. You want your home to be ready to show at a moment’s notice as the first 30 days a house goes on the market are the most active.

Step 4: Market your home Once the house is ready to sell and we’ve determined the listing price, we will put a “for sale sign” in your yard and start working towards that sale. We will market your home in a multitude of ways: through the internet, the MLS, fliers, post cards, newsletters and the like.

Step 5: Showings: To ensure as many potential buyers as possible are being exposed to your home we will hold as many open houses and showings (as determined in our initial consultation) as you want.

Step 6: Contract Negotiation/Acceptance: Once you get an offer on the house we will work with you to negotiate all terms until you are completely satisfied. Once you accept the offer you are officially under contract and the buyer has many tasks to complete before closing. As the seller you have only a few including:

  • Step 6a): Choose Closing Attorney and Title Company: We will help you choose a reputable closing attorney and title company to ensure your best interests are being met.
  • Step 6b): Repair any problems found during Inspection: If any issues were uncovered during the inspection we will work with you to either fix the problem or renegotiate the contract to address the issues.

Step 7: Closing: Ah, the last step. In many cases, buyers and sellers won’t even need to attend a specific event; signed paperwork can be sent to the closing agent via overnight delivery. But more often than not both buyers and sellers will be in the same room and completing their paperwork simultaneously. During the closing:

  • The property title is transferred from seller to buyer.
  • The buyer receives the keys to the property.
  • The seller receives payment for the home.
  • From the amount credited to the seller, the closing agent subtracts money to pay existing mortgage and other transaction costs.
  • Deeds, loan papers, and other documents are prepared, signed and filed with local property record offices. Usually the closing agent also completes the paperwork needed to record the loan.
  • Transfer taxes are paid and other claims settled, including closing costs, legal fees and adjustments.

Step 8: Ongoing Support: Here at the iTeam our relationship doesn’t end after closing. We provide ongoing support as long as you need it.