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“The most impressive thing in our experience with Brandon and Louis was that the entire process,from the first contact to the signing, went completely smooth with no stress. And that is saying a lot, especially because we were first-time home buyers.”


We understand buying real estate can be intimidating. There is the exchange of substantial sums of money, making critical long–term decisions and the lingo, we can’t forget the lingo. Real Estate terminology can be confusing at best. As your buyer’s agent we will help navigate these tricky waters; we are your advocates throughout the entire process.

As your buyer’s agent we will:

  • Look for property that best fits your wants and needs
    • Review pricing policies, market trends and keep you informed throughout the process.
    • Help you analyze and select neighborhoods, schools, etc.
    • Negotiate price, contract terms and all possible deal variables with your best interest in mind.
    • Provide assistance and guidance with mortgages, insurance, warranties, inspections and repairs.
  • Work with you to make the buying process as smooth and painless as possible.

As your buyer’s agent, the iTeam works for you, the buyer.

Buyer Representation Information

Real estate transactions can be tricky business, having an advocate that is there, working entirely on your behalf is critical. That’s buyer representation. And having an educated professional who knows the business inside and out and will guide you every step of the way, that’s buyer representation the iTeam way.

The top five reasons you need iTeam buyer’s representation:

  1. We will be there with you every step of the process from initial search to closing.
  2. We will educate you about inspections, loans and titles.
  3. We can show you any house, any listing, anywhere in Colorado.
  4. We are skilled negotiators, and are trained to get you the best deal.
  5. We are professional, full–time licensed Realtors. This is not a hobby, this is our profession.

“Can’t see the forest for the trees.” That expression has never been more apt than when talking about buying a home. The home buying process can be lengthy, complicated and overwhelming. Fortunately the iTeam will be with you every step of the way. Ready? Here we go…

Home Buying Process (in a nutshell)

Step 1: Pre Qualification: Getting pre qualified helps to set the parameters for what you can buy, what loan program fits your needs and how we can help you achieve your home buying goals. It’s important to know any limitations before going down the home buying path.

Step 2: Initial Consultation: Once you know what your price range is, we will sit down with you and determine all the factors that go into choosing a home: size, location, floor plan and other important features.

Step 3: Home Viewing: This is where the fun begins! Now that we know budget and desired home characteristics, we will work together to find properties that fit your criteria based on your wants and needs. We can show you any listing you may be interested in regardless of listing agent, type of property, or location.

Step 4: Making a choice: Once you found the home you want to buy, we will conduct a Comparative Market Analysis to determine the home’s true market value before putting in an offer.

Step 5: Preparing and delivering the Offer: Based on market value, condition of the property, days on the market and other factors we will craft an offer. It is important to note that along with the offer we will need to include earnest money; a good faith gesture that shows the seller you are serious about buying their property.

Step 6: Contract Negotiation/Acceptance: If the seller does not accept your initial offer we will work on your behalf to negotiate any and all areas of concern and submit another offer. Once the seller accepts the contract you are officially “under contract” to buy the home. The accepted contract is the trigger for the start of the due diligence period during which time we will help you:

  • Step 6b): Finalize the Loan Application and Processing: Once you are officially “under contract” we will send a copy of the agreement to the lender. If you have not already sat with the lender to fill out a full application this is the time to do it. They will have you bring in several important financial papers like paystubs, W–2’s, tax returns and bank statements. Once they have the file complete they send it to processing and underwriting for final loan approval and clear to close.
  • Step 6c): Conduct a Property Inspection: We will help you find a qualified and competent individual that will conduct a thorough assessment of the property. Inspectors are not licensed or governed but those backed by organizations such as the American Society of Home Inspectors, the National Association of Home Inspectors, and the Inspection Training Associates are a good way to find a skilled inspector. Additionally, past experiences and referrals also serve as good sources for hiring a qualified inspector; we will help you find a skilled professional.
  • Step 6d): Resolve Property Inspection Issues: At the conclusion of the inspection we will have a detailed report that will list all items, if any, that are defective or need attention. We then have the option to submit the unsatisfactory conditions to the seller (Inspection Notice to Correct). The seller will then have 3 different options to respond to us. He can agree to complete all the items listed, he can refuse to complete all the items listed, or he can propose an alternate resolution. An alternate resolution usually is a seller agreeing to complete some items but not all the items listed. If the seller refuses to complete all items or proposes an alternate resolution, we have the opportunity to accept the proposed options or walk away from the deal with the earnest money intact.
  • Step 6e): Conduct an Appraisal: After the conclusion of negotiating the inspection items we will inform the lender that it is time to order the appraisal. A licensed, professional appraiser will inspect the property and research the value of the home. If the appraiser sees any unsatisfactory conditions (e.g., chipping paint, roof damage, siding damage) then he will note them on the appraisal as conditions to the loan. If a condition to the loan has been noted then those items must be fixed or repaired prior to closing before you can obtain the loan. Once the items are corrected the appraiser will go back to the home to check off on all the conditions.

Step 7: Final Walk Through: Prior to closing we will do a final walk through of the property. This is our time to verify that all inspection items the seller agreed to complete have been done, that all contractual inclusions are still at the property, and that the property condition is acceptable, prior to the seller receiving funds.

Step 8: Closing: The closing of the deal. You’re almost home…closing takes place at the title company that the seller chooses. We will review all closing documents and final figures (HUD–1). We will ensure all the lenders figures and any other costs that were contractually agreed upon are listed correctly. Lots of documents will be signed, checks will be exchanged, you’ll receive the keys and then you can go directly to your new home!

Step 9: Ongoing Support: Here at the iTeam our relationship doesn’t end after closing. We are here for you for ongoing support as long as you need it.

SpringsiTeam and GJ Gardner Homes

Why buy used when you can get new? The iTeam realizes that not everyone wants to buy a house that someone else has already lived in. We know that new carpet and a fresh coat of paint can only disguise so much. Fortunately when you work with the iTeam you have the opportunity to work with respected builder, G.J. Gardner. The iTeam has an exclusive agreement with G.J. Gardner, which means unparalleled access and more choices for you, the buyer.

When purchasing new home construction, a member of the iTeam and a G.J. Gardner team member will work with you every step of the way. From locating the exact site, determining a floor plan and choosing color schemes — the iTeam will help you build your perfect home. The buying process will differ slightly from that of buying an existing home. You will be involved in the construction of your home throughout the process and have the opportunity to sign off on each stage. While the entire process may take longer (depending on the construction stage), buying a newly built home will give you complete control over the situation.

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